Voice of Customer

Social media has established itself as the key platform for consumers to discuss what, when, and how they buy. And they are now leading a massive, global conversation about products, services, and companies. It is consumers, not marketers, who lead this online conversation, and it represents a wealth of information that was never available before. Similar troves of information can be found in all places where customers provide feedback, for example in call centers or through surveys.

But given the massive amount of available information, the help of appropriate information management technologies is a requirement to successfully analyze, and derive insights from, these conversations. At the forefront of this industry trend, TEMIS' flagship platform Luxid® is a precious ally that helps you analyze available information and derive insights that will help guide your strategic agenda. By extracting structured information from content coming from social media, discussion forums, blogs, and/or call center transcripts, it enables you to:

  • Efficiently capture and piece together key customer insights
    to detect trends, anticipate consumer needs, behaviors and expectations, identify top and emerging issues with products and services and take appropriate actions, optimize call center activities, assess brand awareness and corporate image, identify rumors, detect business risks and pinpoint potential legal threats, or measure the impact of viral marketing campaigns and online advertising to optimize marketing strategy.

  • Enable the powerful visualization and analysis of this information
    thanks to dynamic charts, tables, cross-tabs and a variety of representations that reveal trends and patterns in the data – for example enabling users to display and intuitively navigate within graph-based representations of consumer feedback on various products and their features.

  • Accelerate the access by all staff to relevant information and documents
    by helping structure navigation facets in your portals that are specific to your industry, as well as ‘related content' recommendations and links to structured information. This enables your staff and management to re-allocate time to higher added-value tasks such as analysis and decision making.

  • Facilitate collaboration
    by streamlining strategic information sharing processes with dashboards, reports and user-specific alerts


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