Semantic Publishing

The shift to digital has presented publishers and information providers with exciting opportunities as well as an entirely new set of customer expectations. The traditional rules of engagement are changing fast and finding new and effective ways to compete is essential. In this context, semantic content enrichment has evolved from a game-changing capability into a de facto requirement for competing effectively.

At the forefront of this industry trend, TEMIS' flagship Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform has been chosen by leading publishers to automate the extraction of entities, relationships, categories and topics appearing in their content and to augment content metadata and linking based on tags corresponding to these concepts.


"Network Content: Semantics connecting Content, People and workflows"
Publisher's Forum 2012


Make your content more compelling

Semantically enriching your content enhances your audience's ability to discover, navigate and analyze content most relevant to them. Whether through improved SEO, structured navigational facets and links to related data and content or through deep analytics, the added value provided by semantics helps attract new visitors, differentiate your products, engage users with a personalized experience and boost content usage. This in turn promotes increased transactional revenue and drives institutional customer retention through lower cost-per-download.

Develop innovative products

Semantic enrichment also enables you to efficiently package your content into new types of products such as ‘Topic pages' and their corresponding API-driven feeds. Both leverage structured and highly granular semantic metadata to deliver topical collections that answer the needs of specific interest groups. The same extractions may be aggregated into topical knowledge bases delivering the corresponding structured data sets. These approaches also provide advertisers targeted access to focused communities of interest and enable the most contextually relevant ads to be matched to your content. These intimately semantic products provide topline growth while also increasing your return on existing assets.

Boost editorial productivity

Semantic content enrichment brings a high degree of automation to tagging, categorization and linking tasks, thus alleviating and in some cases eliminating altogether the amount of efforts required to accomplish tasks that were previously entirely manual. The resulting productivity gains mean that your editorial teams become more flexible, can handle more content and bring products to market faster, and reallocate resources to higher added value tasks. Semantics also provide deep insight into your archives, helping identify marketable assets that can be repurposed.

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