Scientific Discovery

Innovations rarely come out of a vacuum: for your teams to establish competitive leadership in their research activities it is necessary for them to be acutely aware of prior and ongoing work in their areas of research both internally and in other organizations across your industry, and to leverage available information to the fullest extent. Given the massive amount of available scientific literature in proprietary and public content repositories, without the help of appropriate information management technologies, it has now become close to impossible for them to fulfill their mission.

Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform is an essential productivity tool to efficiently maintain an up-to-date understanding of the scientific state-of-the-art in your field, but also to drive your R&D's agenda and optimize its effectiveness by accelerating innovation cycles and avoiding costly dead-ends.

Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform helps you by

  • Accelerating the access by researchers to relevant information and documents by helping structure navigation facets in your portals that are specific to your areas of research, as well as ‘related content' recommendations and links to structured information. This boosts researcher productivity and enables them to re-allocate time to tasks with higher added-value such as interpretation & analysis

  • Efficiently extracting and piecing together structured information and key insights from large-scale corpora of internal and external content. In the Life Sciences for example, Luxid® may for example identify not only the names of genes, proteins, enzymes, symptoms, pathologies, chemical compounds, but also their properties and inter-relationships, helping to identify known targets and potential new ones for a given indication, to qualify candidate molecules and their properties, to identify potential  prognosis or effectiveness biomarkers).

  • Enabling the powerful analysis of such corpora, the visualization of the corresponding extracted information and the discovery of scientific insights. As an example, the discovery of therapeutic impacts of an existing drug's side-effects may suggest opportunities to repurpose the drug for new areas of application. Used in the context of White Spot Analyses, Luxid® may help identify virgin or underexploited areas, suggesting further developments.

  • Facilitating collaboration
    by streamlining strategic information sharing processes with dashboards, reports and user-specific alerts

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