Platform Partners

TEMIS Platform Partners develop vertical applications leveraging Luxid® technologies. These solutions can be packaged as software components, as high added value services or as high quality extraction Skill Cartridges®.


AERIAL provides consulting services to managers  of Corporations and institutions, allowing them to improve the performances of their entities. To answer these expectations, AERIAL builds customized highly value-added answers based on to the skills of their teams of professionals.


Manchete is the leader in knowledge and public information management as well as analysis in Portugal. Part of Novabase group, Manchete counts already many international partnerships and, in 2007, opened a new office in Angola. With 13 years of history, it employs more than 65 collaborators. Manchete's activity is organized around 3 strategic axes: Media Based, Reputation Based and Intelligence Based. Manchete boasts more than 250 references in a wide range of areas like SAP, Deloitte, IBM, Pfizer, Somague, Ministry of the Internal Affairs or Presidency of the Cabinet. Manchete is also the software editor of MyNetpress, the first-ever Information Management Platform in Portugal. Manchete provides high-level of quality in service, a customized coaching program for customers and is an innovation-driven company. 

Fraunhofer SCAI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI conducts research in the field of computer simulations for product and process development, and is a prominent corporate partner in the industrial and science sectors. SCAI designs and optimizes industrial applications, implements custom solutions for production and logistics, and offers calculations on high-performance computers. Their services are based on industrial engineering, combined with state-of-the-art methods from applied mathematics and information technology.