Luxid® Navigator - Biopharma Edition

Luxid® Navigator – Biopharma Edition helps you explore the world of biopharma data and find the answers you're looking for - all from a single user-friendly portal application offering best-in-class analytics and visualizations.


Three modules

  • Clinical Trials 

Visualize completed and ongoing clinical trials filtered for any combination of drug, indication, mechanism of action, sponsor or geography. Zoom into particular areas on-the-fly to gauge the competition's pipelines and optimize your clinical trials. Luxid® Navigator - Biopharma Edition also includes trials covered in relevant news, so you're in the know even before they appear in standard clinical trial databases. 

  • Experts 

Stay current on who is doing what in your field of inquiry. Do you need to plan your upcoming clinical trials or promotional programs? Are you considering entry in a new therapeutic area? Luxid® Navigator lets you go beyond your Rolodex and presents measurable expertise metrics so you can identify established opinion leaders as well rising stars.  

  • News 

Stay current on who is doing what in your field of inquiry. When you need to consult an investigator, you can go beyond your Rolodex to discover emerging thought leaders or experts based on measurable metrics of expertise. Scan the horizon for the latest information on scientific discoveries, drug approvals, trial initiations and results, regulatory news, conferences, deals, and other breaking news about the biopharmaceutical and related industries. You can also create custom email alerts to see new events as they happen.


Your analytics dashboard

Instead of a static table view, Luxid® Navigator – Biopharma Edition presents you with a dashboard that provides a heads-up display of multiple aspects side by side. Search for one key piece of data, and get a peripheral view of related elements without having to go looking for them. Or you can select one of our search lenses to view focused content for clinical trials, news, and researchers.




It's discovery, not just search

Most analytics tools force you to specify in detail exactly what you are looking for. Luxid® Navigator approaches things differently. There's no need to check off an endless array of search fields. Just enter a topic of interest—such as a disease, intervention, sponsor, or mechanism of action—and Luxid® Navigator will custom-build your results around the topic you've entered, presenting an organized dashboard that shows the information from multiple perspectives. Following your natural thought process, you can move through the data to quickly answer your questions or even discover connections you didn't know you were looking for. 




Travel through the data

Data points are like stars in the night sky. In isolation, they tell you nothing. But when you start looking at the relationships between them, they become navigable. That's why we build our databases around deep linking, so those critical connections become clear. And why we use computational linguistics to classify and categorize data to extract meaning that doesn't exist in other databases. Almost every piece of data in the Luxid® Navigator is clickable to reveal another layer of information. Once you scan the heads-up dashboard to get a clear view of the biopharma landscape, you can quickly narrow your focus to the most granular detail—and then click back out again, or move laterally to another area that looks promising.




No learning curve

No one wants to spend the day in software training. Finding the data you're looking for needs to be fast and easy. That's why we designed Luxid® Navigator to work the way you think. When we say it is easy to use, we mean it. 


Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to explore the biopharma landscape.

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