Luxid® Information Analytics

Luxid® Information Analytics is a feature-rich portal application that helps boost the productivity of search and discovery tasks by exploiting the structured information extracted by the Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform. Luxid® Information Analytics also facilitates the sharing underlying knowledge with information consumers.

Semantic Search & Navigation

Luxid® Information Analytics provides advanced semantic search and navigation features that enable users to quickly identify relevant documents within its repository by combining :

  • Concept –based queries and standard keyword queries
    Concept-based queries enable users to search by generic interest rather than by narrow keywords;

  • Faceted navigation
    where facets automatically self-adjust on the basis of the metadata associated with the retrieved documents and can be combined with Boolean operators

  • Filtering
    by source, category, document type, topic, author, time period, or any other relevant criteria;

Original documents can be displayed at any time, automatically highlighting searched terms, entities and relations. This enables users to quickly spot the information of interest.


Analysis & Discovery

Luxid® Information Analytics offers innovative analysis and discovery features that enable users to gain deep insight into the knowledge encapsulated in documents.

  • Multi-dimensional analysis
    To identify trends and patterns at a glance, Luxid® Information Analytics offers a broad range of dynamic charts, tables, cross-tabs, and reports that reveal the meaning behind the data. Users gain instant access to multiple views and get insight by slicing and dicing, drilling up and down along multiple navigation dimensions, bringing information into place.

  • Similarity-Based Discovery
    Luxid® Information Analytics dynamically groups documents into clusters according to their semantic similarity, computing the most relevant classification for any document set. Luxid® Information Analytics lets users browse through these clusters with interactive bubbles and links, giving both an overview of the information and various avenues to explore.

  • Proximity-Based Discovery
    Luxid® Information Analytics offers the capability to apply search queries at the sentence level. When this option is used, users will exclusively retrieve those documents where the search criteria occur in the same sentence, rather than in the full document. This helps gain precision on multi-criteria queries, and detect potential relations between extracted entities.

  • Relation-Based Discovery
    Luxid® Information Analytics offers a unique visualization tool allowing users to display and intuitively navigate within networks of inter-connected entities. In this view, Luxid® Information Analytics displays in a graph the semantic relationships recognized by Luxid® Annotation Factory that can be explored and fully manipulated by the user.


Knowledge Sharing

To capitalize on information discovery and foster a collaborative work environment, Luxid® Information Analytics also enables users to save and share their discoveries with the rest of their organization through dynamic dashboards that are updated in real-time. Administrators and advanced users can also create document lists, charts, analysis templates as well as tailor-made analysis scenarios, and export them in report format or broadcast them via email alerts.


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