Luxid® ECM Integrations

To ease the deployment of Luxid® within major content management systems, a growing range of off-the-shelf integrations of Luxid® is available, in particular for MarkLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Alfresco Enterprise, and Nuxeo. The Web Services offered by Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform facilitate its integration within other content management systems, applications and information management workflows.


ECM integration principles

Standard integrations of Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform follow a simple principle: through Web Services, the platform accesses the textual content of documents stored in your ECM, systematically extracts information that is relevant to your domain,  and stores it as metadata in the standard metadata hosting mechanisms of your ECM : SharePoint columns, EMC® Documentum attributes, Alfresco aspects, etc… 

This approach frees your metadata from any proprietary infrastructure with the following benefits :

  • the metadata can be exploited not only by your search engines in the context of indexing, but also and most importantly by your entire application layer for a much larger impact;

  • if your content must be migrated to another platform, the corresponding metadata can be migrated with it, easing the implementation of rich information management features in the destination system; 

  • depending on your governance choices, metadata remains editable by your end-users in which case the platform historicizes manual edits so they can be preserved and re-played if necessary.

Value-added Applications

Once Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform has been deployed in your ECM, it becomes possible to build value-added applications that leverage semantic metadata to make your ECM more intelligent :

  • navigation facets that are structured according to your business lines

  • content recommendation engines

  • contextual alerts

  • automated document management and business workflows

  • intelligent archival

  • analysis and visualization dashboards