Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform

Based on patented and award-winning natural language processing technology, Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform brings long-awaited answers to the challenge of structuring, managing and exploiting unstructured content. Luxid® is a powerful and scalable solution that recognizes and extracts relevant items of information hidden in plain text. Stored as metadata, these items intimately reveal the nature of your informational assets and help boost the efficiency and scalability of all processes involving the management, distribution, access and analysis of large amounts of textual content.

Key components

Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform is subdivided into three key functional areas: Luxid® Annotation Factory, Skill Cartridge® Library, and Luxid®Content Enrichment Studio.

Luxid® Annotation Factory

The flagship natural language processing pipeline that extracts structured information from unstructured documents by recognizing the key topics, entities and relations mentioned in text. Built as a robust and scalable platform, Luxid® Annotation Factory embeds syntactical, statistical, taxonomy-based and machine-learning driven information extraction engines and supports 20 languages, enabling it to power high-throughput information extraction applications across a wide range of use cases and geographies. 


Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Library

Skill Cartridges® are the specialized modules that focus the information extraction mechanics provided by Luxid® Annotation Factory on domain- or use-case specific entities or relations. Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Library is a range of off-the shelf Skill Cartridges® that address areas of recurring interest such as people names, locations, corporate information and relationships, news categorization, biology, medicine, chemistry, homeland security, and others. Skill Cartridges® can be easily customized and/or developed from scratch with Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio. 


Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio

Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio is a suite of four development tools that enable Luxid® licensees to create new Skill Cartridges®, to customize and extend existing ones, and to track and optimize quality and performance. The four tools are Knowledge Editor, Skill Cartridge® Builder, Category Workbench and Annotation Workbench. 

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