Information Management

The digital revolution has come with a 50% yearly growth in the amount of content, mostly unstructured, that is produced and managed in enterprises. This trend has caused a genuine information dilemma for our organizations. On one hand we face the risk of information overload, with symptomatic difficulties to preserve and access informational assets that are strategic for our competitiveness. Conversely, we can also foresee golden opportunities at the condition of being able to analyze what we now refer to as Big Data.

At the forefront of this industry trend, TEMIS' flagship Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform is a precious ally and an ideal companion to your content management and information management systems. By enriching them automatically with metadata extracted from your documents and aligned with your enterprise taxonomy, it enables you to structure your information assets to better manage them and exploit them.

Structure your information & be more productive

While most current content management systems offer mechanisms to host document metadata, their contribution generally remains manual and burdensome, and therefore lacks scalability. By automating it, Luxid® alleviates the need for end-user contribution and virtually dissipates all limits of volume or depth. Luxid® also makes it possible to consistently align metadata with your enterprise taxonomy. The result is a systematic and consistent description of your information assets which helps improve their governance, makes your information system smarter, and creates a cascade of benefits in all your applications.

Leverage your content in all your applications

The first benefit of structured and consistent metadata is that it makes your information access processes more efficient. That's because it helps you create business-centric navigation facets in your portals, as well as automated ‘related content' recommendations that help place information in context. But in a larger sense, it's all your business applications that can leverage this metadata, whether it be to intelligently route information, to automate, or to contextually trigger tasks or alerts. It makes business processes more effective and promotes the adoption of your information system by end-users. It also efficiently supports traditionally information-intensive tasks competitive intelligence, voice-of-customer, and scientific discovery.

Optimize your content management

Content management processes also benefit from semantic enrichment. By enabling a finer-grained identification and manipulation of enterprise content, in particular during document auditing, migration and archival processes, it helps you manage increasing quantities of content and reduce the associated risks and costs. By enabling usage analysis it also helps optimize key investments in your ECM, search engine, and storage infrastructure.

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