Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio

Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio is a suite of four tools that enables you to manage your workflow, to develop and customize Skill Cartridges® and to track and optimize quality and performance.


Luxid® Webstudio

Luxid® Webstudio delivers a ground-breaking integrated workflow that combines ontology management and semantic enrichment to simplify and accelerate end-user tasks. A collaborative web application, it supports common ontology management tasks with user-friendly drag-and-drop ergonomics. And by leveraging the natural language processing layer it also enables users to preview in real-time how their ontology applies to their content, and to adjust the extraction pipeline. The application also identifies relevant concepts and terms mentioned in the users' corpus that are not yet part of the ontology, streamlining maintenance efforts.

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Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Builder

Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Builder supports the development of Semantic Rules-based Skill Cartridges®. Such rules, written and optimized by developers, constitute models that leverage the part-of-speech tags and morpho-syntactic properties of text to recognize entities of interest when they appear in documents, as well as their relationships and respective roles in these relationships. Thanks to Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Builder developers can apply the full power of semantics to virtually any type of domain or use case.

Luxid® Category Workbench

Luxid® Category Workbench supports both the development and optimization of Categorization Skill Cartridges®. Such Skill Cartridges® leverage statistics to categorize documents according to predefined document classification plans. Luxid® Category Workbench also includes a clustering feature that is able to suggest possible classification plans when no such plan is available for reference.

Luxid® Annotation Workbench

Luxid® Annotation Workbench provides a window into the quality and performance of Skill Cartridges®. It supports the manual curation (validation, correction, removal and insertion of annotations by the human operator) as well as the automated evaluation and generation of reports regarding Skill Cartridge® extraction quality by comparison to a pre-annotated reference corpus. The reports produced by Luxid® Annotation Workbench can be used to evaluate a Skill Cartridge®'s extraction quality on an absolute basis, to compare it with another Skill Cartridge® (for example subsequent versions of the same, to evaluate progress) or to compare its performance across different corpora. Luxid® Annotation Workbench also enables domain experts to create machine-learning based Skill Cartridges® by simply training them to identify and extract information based on a manually-annotated corpus.



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