Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio

Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio is a suite of four development tools that enables Luxid® licensees to customize and extend existing Skill Cartridges®, to develop new ones from scratch, and to track and optimize quality and performance.

Luxid® Knowledge Editor

Luxid® Knowledge Editor enables the development and optimization of Taxonomy-based Skill Cartridges®. It provides a user-friendly interface that streamlines the process of importing and editing taxonomies, thesauri, and/or controlled vocabularies, and of packaging them into a Skill Cartridge® that can be used within Luxid® Annotation Factory. Luxid® Knowledge Editor also provides access to a wide variety of parameters and training processes that help fine-tune the behavior of Taxonomy-based Skill Cartridges. Luxid® Knowledge Editor can also be used to access lexical resources present in all types of Skill Cartridges®.

Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Builder

Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Builder supports the development of Semantic Rules-based Skill Cartridges®. Such rules, written and optimized by developers, constitute models that leverage the part-of-speech tags and morpho-syntactic properties of text to recognize entities of interest when they appear in documents, as well as their relationships and respective roles in these relationships. Thanks to Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Builder developers can apply the full power of semantics to virtually any type of domain or use case.

Luxid® Category Workbench

Luxid® Category Workbench supports both the development and optimization of Categorization Skill Cartridges®. Such Skill Cartridges® leverage statistics to categorize documents according to predefined document classification plans. Luxid® Category Workbench also includes a clustering feature that is able to suggest possible classification plans when no such plan is available for reference.

Luxid® Annotation Workbench

Luxid® Annotation Workbench provides a window into the quality and performance of Skill Cartridges® developed with either Luxid® Knowledge Editor or Luxid® Skill Cartridge® Builder. It supports the manual curation (validation, correction, removal and insertion of annotations by the human operator) as well as the automated evaluation and generation of reports regarding Skill Cartridge® extraction quality by comparison to a pre-annotated reference corpus. The reports produced by Luxid® Annotation Workbench can be used to evaluate a Skill Cartridge®'s extraction quality on an absolute basis, to compare it with another Skill Cartridge® (for example subsequent versions of the same, to evaluate progress) or to compare its performance across different corpora. Luxid® Annotation Workbench also enables domain experts to create machine-learning based Skill Cartridges® by simply training them to identify and extract information based on a manually-annotated corpus.



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