Big Data

The digital revolution has come with a 50% yearly growth in the amount of content, mostly unstructured, that is produced and managed in enterprises. While managers face a risk of information overload, the bright side is that they can also benefit from a wealth of information that was never available before, at the condition that they are able to analyze it and derive insights from it.

But to be analyzed, this information must first be structured.

At the forefront of this industry trend, TEMIS' flagship platform Luxid® is a precious ally that helps you extract structured information from unstructured content, enabling its analysis standalone or conjointly with already structured data coming from your other applications.

Highly versatile in terms of the domains and use cases it can be used in, extendable and customizable thanks to its comprehensive suite of developer tools, Luxid® can be successfully applied in 20 languages for a broad variety of strategic Big Data applications including:

  • Competitive Intelligence
    Tracking the business development activities of your competitors and complementors to ensure you position adequately

  • Voice-of-the-Customer
    Qualifying your customers' tastes and perceptions as expressed in surveys, call center transcripts, or informally on social media to adjust your products and services 

  • Scientific Discovery
    Maintaining an up-to-date landscape of scientific and technical state-of-the-art to ensure R&D effectiveness and capitalize on your Intellectual Property

Learn more about Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform and its Big Data applications in Competitive IntelligenceVoice-of-Customer and Scientific Discovery.